Our story

Great dishes can be made by anyone – not just Michelin Star chefs. We all have the potential to create great things – and nom! is here to help you unleash that potential. Bringing nutrition education and cooking programs to Western Australia – it’s something we’ve been doing for a little while now.


nom! is tasty learning for life.  

Our program ingredients of learning, cooking and sharing blend together in a fun and inclusive environment.  

Our programs teach important life skills such as how to read food labels, plan meals, and shop on a budget. The programs also teach cooking skills to participants, using our very own recipe books to make and prepare recipes which are then shared. All our recipes meet the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating recommendations, can be made in under 30 minutes and are budget-friendly. 

Our program empowers participants with the knowledge and skills to make healthy food choices. Developed and facilitated by university-qualified nutritionists and dietitians, these evidenced-based programs help people to make sustainable changes which lead to healthy lifestyles. This has a ripple effect by reducing the risk of a number of preventable medical conditions. 

Bringing nutrition education and cooking programs to Western Australia – it’s something we’ve been doing for a little while now.

For over 16 years we have been delivered evidence-based nutrition education to school aged children, adults, parents of children 0-5, people with disability and youth under our Food Sensations and Healthy Food for All programs. We are excited to take these years of experience to deliver nom!

And best of all nom! is backed by a bank – Foodbank. 

We are thankful to Hawaiian for their support of our nom! Healthy Eating Hub at Sunshine Harvester in Fremantle.


The students loved it and we refer to the skills they learnt regularly. Parents have been sending in photos of their children cooking recipes from the book which is fabulous! Overall, students are more aware of healthy food choices and more confident in their ability to make good food for themselves. Thanks again for a wonderful incursion. 


About Foodbank WA

We provide food and groceries to those who struggle to afford them. We also deliver nutrition education to promote healthy eating and advocate on behalf of people that experience food stress. 

While feeding Western Australians in need addresses the immediate issue, our nutrition education programs offer a pathway out of poverty. 

As a 21-year-old, learning about how to better my health while simultaneously reducing expenditure will be an important life skill which I liked.  

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