Frequently asked questions

I have dietary requirements, can I still participate?

Yes, we can cater to dietary requirements. All our recipes include information about whether they are gluten/dairy free or vegetarian. Please let us know when you book the program.

I want to lose weight – is this a diet program?

At nom! we are about empowering healthy eating. We offer guidance on how to plan, cook and choose healthy meals that still taste great. We are about healthy lifestyles not specific diet programs.

There isn’t a program near me

If there is no program near you then please get in contact with us about a community group in your area that may consider hosting a program. We also have online programs available.

I am struggling to afford food, can you help?

Yes, we are part of the Foodbank family. Please visit our website for information on how to access food assistance.

What do I need to bring?

We provide all the ingredients and equipment. You just need to bring yourself and an open mind to learn and cook new things. Please wear enclosed and comfortable shoes.